-He did not yell. He didn't raise a hand. He looked at his son with concern and disappointment on his face. The same look Alex Chase wore now. In his always gentle voice he asked his son “What kind of man are you Eddie?” - excerpt from Harmony. Now available on amazon.com and on Kindle.


Your Love
  by Brian Randleas

  Your Love is a swift river
  roaring down a great mountain
  catching me like a fragile leaf
  and bearing me along in its current
  I see the rocks and close my eyes
  afraid of being broken and discarded
  Your Love lifts me safely and carries
  me upward floating on the crest of passion

  Your Love widens like a slow river
  flowing through a fertile valley
  I float along in awe watching as
  beauty blooms upon its banks
  Your Love becomes a great ocean
  gently sweeping me upon your tides
  the shore tempts me with safety
  I smile and drown myself in
  Your Love


by Brian Randleas
If I had one day to live I would spend it loving you. 
If I had a million years to live I would spend each day
 as if I had one day to live.

by Brian Randleas

  Today I rise and the world is dark and the world is cold just as I knew it 
  would be....
  Tonight I sleep sound and the world changes in my dreams moving to the 
  breath of my slumber..

  Today I rise and the world is bright and the sun is upon my cheek 
  just as I knew it would be..
  Tonight I sleep sound and the world changes in my dreams moving to the 
  breath of my slumber..

by Brian Randleas

  Listen to my heart beat as it's rhythm strong and true......
  Like a drum beating out this message straight to you....
  It tells of deep emotions and many things of love...
    It sings of sad things and then of sunshine from above...
  The jungle stops to listen the stars they shine on in peace...
  The world keeps on spinning but listens patiently....
  The drum beats ever onward never skipping never stops...
  The song it sings is now happy it does not sound lost....
  As you listen closely you realize this drum beats eternally...
  Of a love that never fades and a lover who never leaves.

  by Brian Randleas

     When I saw you in first light
     the sun coming thru the trees
     I saw the wings of an angel spread behind you
     white and glowing with the morning sun
     my eyes unable to focus in the brilliance
     I softly rubbed them to open and find
     just a woman of striking beauty
    but when you smiled did my mind play tricks?
     or did I see a single white feather borne up
     and carried off on a spring breeze?

Moon Light Kisses
  by Brian Randleas

    I look out my window at the bright moon
    and blow a kiss upward
    and as you lay upon your bed
    soft moonbeams brush your lips
    kissing you softly

The Path
  by Brian Randleas

  Wise man said to One Who Listened.
  Life is like a Journey.
  One who listened thought.
  Love is like a path.
  Beneath shaded trees meandering through a forest.
  the branches hanging down not always allowing
  the sun to shine thru.
  One Who Listens cannot always be certain where this
  path may lead nor see each step but must follow the path
  hoping it leads to his destination.
  One Who Listens told his thought to One Who Matters
  and said. Though I know not to what destination the path may lead
  If you take with me this Journey I know that even though

  the path grows dark and the steps we cannot see
  if we stumble if we should fall I shall never regret
  the steps down this path you take with me.
 My Heart
by Brian Randleas

 Come my heart
 be close to me
Let me feel you on my chest
 and against my cheek
 Feel my heart beating against your hand
 and know that with each beat
It whispers I love you

The Fallen 
by Brian Randleas

Take my sword my love
I fear I am mortally wounded today
Then strike, strike quick, strike true
Let me fall in  battle
With dignity I had not in life
My heart bears an unseen curse
I can neither find, nor defeat
What great sin have I committed
Universal wrong is my guilt?
Where is the sun
What evil black curtain shrouds my brow?
What evil must be the pure heart
Which wishes only love
Who's fathoms lie so unexplored
Longing be pure treachery
For thus wanting that which is elusive
Lusting for that which can not be held
What foul stench do I make 
In the nostrils of an angry god
Who's wrath my neck doth feel
What pit of despair have I at once fallen in
And who's walls I am unable to climb
Come walls come stones
Fall at me
Take from me that one treasure still unclaimed
Who's value I cannot at this once assess
Foul spirit once despised
Death becomes my dearest companion

Two Hearts
by Brian Randleas

When two hearts meet they are alone
When two hearts like they are close
When two hearts love and love true
They become one and no longer two

by Brian Randleas

He sits alone on an empty porch a small butterfly caught carefully in his hand.
She's coming over and he's not sure what to say. She's found another.
Emotions rage inside him warring against each other.
She promised to love forever.
How can passion once so strong fade and die?
Though his heart cries out in pain still he loves no other.
He gazes down at the butterfly as a tear rolls down his cheek.
It's beauty reminds him of her smile.
The Delicate wings of her gentle laugh.
He notices that the dust has fallen from one wing.
The butterfly meant to fly free is injured from its captivity no matter how gentle no matter how loving.
He smiles and wipes the tear. He knows what to say.
He opens his hand and gently blows.
He sits alone on an empty porch smiling and watching a butterfly fly free.


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