-He did not yell. He didn't raise a hand. He looked at his son with concern and disappointment on his face. The same look Alex Chase wore now. In his always gentle voice he asked his son “What kind of man are you Eddie?” - excerpt from Harmony. Now available on amazon.com and on Kindle.


First on my reading list is:
Leiyatel's Embrace
 Leiyatel's Embrace 
 by Clive S. Johnson

5 out of 5 stars!
     I just finished Clive S. Johnson's first novel entitled Leiyatel's Embrace. Touted as a speculative fiction mystery, Leiyatel's Embrace certainly held all of these elements. From the beginning the author uses language forged together from past, present and future and encompassing more than one dialect to draw the reader into a new world of what could be and glimpses of what has come before. Mystery and intrigue threaten around every corner and yet the characters take us leisurely from element to element allowing one to catch their breath before the next reveal.
Rich characters and detailed descriptions of each location pull you deep into the realm of Dica. Dica is a castle realm of immensity now fallen into decay and disarray. Conflict soon arrives at the gates in the form of a mysterious army. We then follow a ragtag collection of characters led by the ancient Lord Nephril on a quest to find not only the origin and identity of the army, but the cause for the decline of Dica and Leiyatel the living green stone tree.
I was impressed with the authors ability to envision beautifully flowing landscapes and weave them deftly into the story line. with each step taken by the characters I felt myself moving through this world of wonder. The author uses characters who begin as reclusive individuals, and pulls them out of their comfort zones into a broader and more populated world. Through this device we the reader discover their world through fresh and almost child like eyes.
Having discovered that not everything or everyone is who or what they seem at first, Mr. Johnson sets the stage for the next adventure. The soon to be released Of Weft and Weave (Book Two) will be highly anticipated by anyone who has read this first masterpiece.

Review by Brian Randleas
You can find Leiyatel's Embrace on amazon.com http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005V0B8DW/

 Shadows of the Realm (The Circle of Talia) 
by Dionne Lister

Wow! Let me say again. Wow!
It is not often that you find talent stepping out of the shadows to stand beside authors such as Lewis, Tolkien, or McCaffrey. I will not be surprised to see Lister join the ranks of the great fantasy writers who have become household names. Her writing style and ability to create characters and worlds that one can not only identify with but care about as well lifts her up to stand with other great authors.
Dionne's new book Shadows of the Realm starts with a flourish immersing the reader into action from the start and keeping pace throughout the story. Intrigue is your constant companion as you travel the long dusty roads of Talia with Bronwyn and Blayke, two young Realmists' who must leave childhood behind to face adventures ahead.
What lies ahead? Dragons of course! Talking dragons who help to safe-guard the world of Talia and who embody the ideas of grace and beauty.
Lister moves her characters ahead at a fast pace as they are chased by unseen assassins and hidden plots to prevent them from fulfilling their quest to save the world from impending evil. The villains are sufficiently slimy and evil and when one is defeated by our heroes or heroines one cannot help but shout... "Hah ha take that you creep!"
I found the characters in this story not only believable but very likable. Bronwyn and Blayke, the two young Realmist apprentices begin to grow up on the page right before our eyes. I found myself becoming quickly attached to them and their futures. The story line was fresh and exciting, and ended much too soon leaving me anticipating book two.
Bravo Dionne! Now back to the grind stone and give us the second saga of this delightful tale.
-Brian Randleas


In Her Name: Empire
In Her Name: Empire by Michael R. Hicks

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