-He did not yell. He didn't raise a hand. He looked at his son with concern and disappointment on his face. The same look Alex Chase wore now. In his always gentle voice he asked his son “What kind of man are you Eddie?” - excerpt from Harmony. Now available on amazon.com and on Kindle.

Childrens Storys

 The Pebble
  By Brian Randleas 
  One Day a young boy named Yen was playing by a nearby stream when a shiny 
  pebble caught his eye. Carefully he rescued the pebble from the water and 
  dried it on his sleeve. Yen noticed that the Pebble shone brightly and was 
  warm to his touch.
  This is a very special pebble said Yen. Yes I believe this pebble is Magic 
  and I am most fortunate of boys to find it.  With this pebble I can become a 
  great man and do anything that I desire thought Yen.
  Every day Yen took the magic pebble with him trusting it's magic to guide 
  him. days passed and nothing happened. Maybe I must rub the pebble to 
  release it's magic said Yen. and every day he did just that.
  The pebble begin to shine more and more each day as the daily rubbing 
  polished it's surface.
  With each day Yen was sure he had released a little more of its magic for he 
  could see the stone get brighter and it shone more and more.
  Months passed and still he polished the stone but nothing happened.
  Years passed and Yen waited and waited for the day the magic would be 
  released from the stone and make him a great man.
  One day looking in a mirror while polishing his pebble Yen noticed his 
  reflection. Oh my exclaimed Yen. I have become an old man How could this 
  have happened when I have this magic pebble? he asked.
  Yen looked at the pebble And a thought came to him. He remembered the steam 
  from which he rescued the pebble and traveled many days to return to this 
  very spot.
  There he took out his pebble and declared Magic pebble! More like a curse 
  you have been to me preventing me from becoming the great man I should be
  Yen Raised the pebble and was just about to cast it back to the stream when 
  it spoke to him Foolish man! Why do you blame me for your troubles? asked 
  the pebble.
  Because you never made me the great man I should have been Accused Yen
  Foolish man! replied the pebble once more. Can you not see I am a rock? Did 
  I promise to make you great? asked the stone. The power to be great or small 
  was always in you but what have you done to release it?
  Did you study to release the power of knowledge or wisdom?
  Did you work to obtain the power of wealth and influence Perhaps you help 
  those around you to acquire the power of friendship and trust? asked the 
  pebble. No accused the pebble.

  Instead you labored every day to put a better shine on one small pebble in 
  your pocket, and so you will end your days as an old man with a shiny rock 
  and an empty purse finished the pebble and spoke no more.

  Yen placed the rock in his pocket once again to remind him of his 
  foolishness and returned home weeping.

The Chase
  by Brian Randleas

  Once upon a time.....
  The man in the moon was lonely and wished for a bride...
  One day he looked at the sun and there was a beautiful maiden...
  He called to her What is your name fair lady....

  My name is Rey laughed the maiden and she danced just out of his reach..
  Why do you run fair maiden?” asked the man in the moon
  Your beauty has enchanted me and I wish to ask you to be my bride
  Alas my Lord to win my kiss you must catch me giggled Rey and off she ran
  The man in the moon chased and chased Rey with all his might
  on and on he chased her. One day just as he was about to give up he noticed
  that he had gained upon his fair lady and pulling along side her he took her
  in one brief embrace....
  Then Rey broke free and laughing the pursuit began once more
 even today the man in the moon pursues his lady love and every now and again
  he catches her to receive his reward....
  and if you look closely during the full moon you can see the man in the moon
  smiling as he chases his eternal lover.
  The End

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