-He did not yell. He didn't raise a hand. He looked at his son with concern and disappointment on his face. The same look Alex Chase wore now. In his always gentle voice he asked his son “What kind of man are you Eddie?” - excerpt from Harmony. Now available on amazon.com and on Kindle.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


You know since I started writing seriously I seem to have a hard time saying the word (fans). Instead I think of  readers, who enjoy my work as friends. So whether we have met in person, through online social media, or through my writings, I consider us friends. So welcome my friends to my blog.

Thank you for taking the time to navigate to my page, please check out my ARTICLES for Indie Authors, I don't always get the time to post my thoughts on the process but when I do you will find them there. Also check out the HUMOR section where I post anything that strikes my funny bone. In the NEWS section you will find updates on my books as well as upcoming events and news that relate to writing and publishing. I have added a new Poetry and Prose page featuring works I did a few years back. I have also added a Childrens Stories page which  features two stories I wrote for my daughter Corrina when she was 4.

If you like what you see or read please post a comment, or maybe think about joining our page (the link to the bottom left) liking us or voting.

Once again welcome to my blog. If you have any comments or questions, please either post them here or email me at reynoldsstar@hotmail.com.

-Brian Randleas

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